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Game Studio Ireland Challenge is open to all 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Full Time Undergraduate 3rd level students. You need to make ensure your college or university has registered their intention to submit an entry.
Please ensure you understand the and agree with the competition rules and participation agreement.
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We suggest ( but this is not mandatory ) that colleges and universities run an internal challenge and selected qualifier that is sent forward to the Game Studio Ireland Challenge.

Theme for Games Fleadh 2024 is Start with Nothing

Please register your team using this online form.

Closing date for registration of teams is Friday March 1st 2024 5.00 pm

Closing date for submission of code entry is  Monday March 4th 10.00 a.m. 2024.

 GameParticipation Agreement Game Studio 2024


Students are required to submit using a One Drive or Google Drive folder shared with please ensure your college lecturer is also provided with this share URL

  1. Game Executable
  2. Source Code
  3. Design Doc
  4. A video Trailer Screencast max of 90 seconds

Closing date for submission of code entry is  Monday March 4th 11.00 a.m. 2024. There is a limit imposed on each academic institution as to the number of teams that can be submitted. Submission of an entry must be approved by your  college.

As states in the Rules Entrants will be accepted from 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th years that are full time undergraduate 3rd level courses and Fetac level 6 game design related courses. Entrants must have the approval of an academic mentor.

The prize categories this year include

Your entry will be judged using (but not limited to)  the following criteria:

Best Game built using a Game Engine
Best Game built using Software Libraries
Best in User Interface Design
Best in Game Mechanics
Best in Game Narrative
Best in Use of Physics Algorithms
Best in Use of AI Algorithms
Best Video Game Trailer
Best in Game Play
Best in Original Art assets
Best in Sound Design