Games Fleadh 2024 Results

AwardUniversity/CollegeGame Title
Best in Game Mechanics TUS ThurlesCosmic Knight
Best in Use of Physics Algorithms TUS AthloneOzymandias
Highly Commended - Use of VR TU DublinSegmentation Fault
Highly Commended - Use of MultiplayerTUS AthloneAmazeing
Best in User Interface Design SETU CarlowStar Beam Project Coffee
Best in Use of AI Algorithms TU DublinSCAI
Best in Game Narrative TUS AthlonePateint Zero
Best in Game Play SETU CarlowBronze Age Brawl
Best Video Game TrailerTU DublinSCAI
Best in Original Art AssetsTUS ClonmelDoctor Lotl
Best in Sound DesignSETU CarlowStar Beam Project Coffee
Special mention - Engineering ComplexitySETU CarlowMotorola Mayhem
Special mention - Procedural Maze Building ComplexityTUS ThurlesFomorians
Best game Built using a Game EngineTU DublinSumo Strikers
Best game built using Software LibrariesSETU CarlowReclaim
Robocode 1stUL
Robocode 2ndTUS Thurles

The theme for 2025 is

small world

The awards for 2025 will include:

  • Best in User Interface Design
  • Best in Game Mechanics
  • Best in Game Narrative
  • Best in Use of Physics Algorithms
  • Best in Use of AI Algorithms
  • Best Video Game Trailer
  • Best in Game Play
  • Best in Original Art assets
  • Best in Sound Design
  • Best Game built using a Game Engine
  • Best Game built using Software Libraries


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