Game Studio Judging Criteria

Game Play

  1. Clarity of Games’ goals
  2. Player is motivated to play the game again (i.e use of leaderboards, share score etc)
  3. Levels are creative and attractive with a ramp up of difficulty
  4. User interface is well defined and enhances the game
  5. The narrative of the game addresses the theme of addressing climate change and its impacts
  6. The Game Trailer would encourage someone to play the game
  7. Player can replay the game using a different approach/strategy

Game Mechanics

  1. The game poses a set of unique and interesting challenges for the player to overcome
  2. Implementation of the rules and procedures that guide the player and the game response to the player’s moves or actions


  1. How decisions are made in the game code, are they simple binary decisions, do they use simple calculations or do they implement a decision algorithm to guide the player or NPC in the game i.e. AI, Machine Learning, graph tree
  2. Use of Physics calculations to produce a more realistic game

Use of Programming and Game Engine Concepts

  1. Use of programming concepts and commenting of code
  2. Use of basic frameworks and libraries provided by the programming language or Game Engine. Has the code been designed with scalability and code reuse in mind i.e. inheritance, polymorphism etc
  3. Use of advanced frameworks, plugins and external APIs (or development of a custom library/API)