Games Ireland – Submit

Teams need to be registered via the tickets page

As states in the Rules Entrants for Games Studio will be accepted from 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th years that are full time undergraduate 3rd level courses and Fetac level 6 game design related courses. Entrants must have the approval of an academic mentor.

Each team must ensure that the Team name and game name are identical

Teams are required to create a private repository for their project e.g. bitbucket, gitlab etc We have created a gamesfleadhjudge account on github, gitlab and bitbucket. If you plan to use a different repository please ask your academic mentor to contact Liam Noonan with the details.  We have also created an email account in case your repository share requires it, the email address is The project name should correspond to the game name so that when it is cloned we can identify the game by file name.


Please ensure that the user gamesfleadhjudge has download permissions, this may be called a reporter role.


The root folder structure of the project is as follows

  • Source Code
  • Binary
  • Design Doc

Teams will place the appropriate files in the appropriate folder. The code will be in the source code folder, a playable binary or executable will be in the binary folder, the 60 second video trailer will be in the video trailer folder, the design doc will be in the design doc folder.

Team will add the following account to the project gamesfleadhjudge

Students are required to submit using a One Drive or Google Drive folder shared with, this is required so as to facilitate online judging of your entry

  1. Game Executable
  2. Source Code
  3. Design Doc
  4. A video Trailer Screencast max of 90 seconds
  5. Game Play and Game Mechanics Screen Cast (max 10 mins)
  6. Algorithms and Programming Screen Cast  (max 10 mins)

The closing date for registration of teams is Monday March 5th 2022 5.00 pm

Cut off time for upload of all game studio files to private repository and sharing of all files via One Drive  is Wed March 9th 2022 5.00 p.m.

Each Team must complete and sign the Participation Agreement Game Studio 2022 and email it to


Game Play and Game Mechanics Screen Cast (max 10 mins):

We recommend that your screen cast addresses the following:

  • How is the player motivated to play the game again (i.e use of leaderboards, share score etc)
  • Demonstrate how the levels are creative and attractive with a ramp up of difficulty
  • Highlight how the User interface is well defined and enhances the game
  • Highlight how the narrative of the game addresses the theme of addressing climate change and its impacts
  • Explain why the Player would want to  replay the game using a different approach/strategy
  • Explain how the game poses a set of unique and interesting challenges for the player to overcome
  • Demonstrate how you implemented rules and procedures that guide the player and the game response to the player’s moves or actions


Algorithms and Programming Screen Cast  (max 10 mins):

We recommend that your screen cast addresses the following:

  • Explain decisions are made in the game code, are they simple binary decisions, do they use simple calculations or do they implement a decision algorithm to guide the player or NPC in the game i.e. AI, Machine Learning, graph tree
  • Explain how Physics calculations are used to produce a more realistic game
  • Discuss what programming concepts you used
  • Identify the  frameworks and libraries provided by the programming language or Game Engine.
  • Has the code been designed with scalability and code reuse in mind i.e. inheritance, polymorphism etc ?
  • Did you use advanced frameworks, plugins and external APIs (or development of a custom library/API)?